How to sing better?

There are plenty of sites on the internet about how to learn to sing. After all, everyone can sing, just how to go about it. How to sing better?

What do you need to sing?

  1. Air – don’t move without it, but every breath – and preferably a diaphragm.
  2. Voice cords – everyone owns them, thanks to them we make sounds by saying, there should be no problem with using them when singing.
  3. Diaphragm – thanks to it we are able to breathe.
  4. The brain – everyone has it too. In it, impulses arise to take in air and that the diaphragm and our small muscles, which are the vocal cords, work. Thanks to their cooperation, it is possible to produce a singing sound

All we need now is systematic and solid exercise

If we are to learn to sing at home alone, we will definitely need good equipment for recording and listening to ourselves, so that we can get the most out of the given exercises and be able to detect any imperfections in the song we perform. It is also good to practice in front of the mirror. We see then whether we are breathing properly – our chest is to rise – because we are breathing through the diaphragm, not the shoulders. We can also check whether we open the mouth correctly, whether the jaw is loose, not clamped. It’s also nice to have an instrument with you – a piano, a guitar with which we have more confidence that we hit the sounds.

How to sing better?

If you want to learn to sing yourself … I can’t advise you.

Unless you’re a natural talent that doesn’t need learning. Nobody will be objective enough towards each other, they will not be able to catch all the irregularities (it is usually heard only by professionals). Often, self-study leads astray. It’s better to start singing with the teacher from scratch than from bad habits. Much more work requires getting rid of various manners than working from scratch with a teacher. It is good to have someone who objectively evaluates your workshop, who is not a parental smoothie. You want to learn to sing well – find a teacher, don’t waste your voice.

The most important is breathing

On the one hand, it is really so, because without air there is no singing, there is no voice, there is simply no life 🙂 The problem is that very often too much attention is paid to it. If you are reading this text, you CAN’T breathe. It is important to understand how we can dose the right amount of air. We can practice breathing, but while singing we should not bother with it.

You want to sing professionally – you must graduate from a reputable university

I would not like to be accused of spreading controversial views, but my observation is that in some cases vocal studies instead of helping – can harm a potential graduate. It all depends on the lecturers. Studies can overwhelm with knowledge and, on the other hand, impose certain views. Inculcating the criteria of singing aesthetics, routine teaching and the lack of an individual approach to the student can suppress his creativity, leaving an indelible mark on his artistry. In learning to sing, more important than knowledge is the joy of singing and authenticity. If something is to be outstanding it must be natural and true and not integrated into some generally accepted and acceptable patterns.



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