How to become an actor?

Do you want to appear on tv? Wander the red carpets? Or maybe you’re just interested in acting and want to develop your passion? How to become an actor?

The first step is always the most difficult and demanding. On the road to professional acting, it can not be otherwise, it should be remembered that multitasking is the foundation in the actor’s work. Sign up for a singing, dancing and horse riding course. These are the basic skills that every stage artist should possess.

Feel learn, science is a powerful key! 

After acquiring basic motor skills, it’s worth thinking about real acting development, i.e. an art school. Of course this is not a necessary requirement but if you want to become a professional then you have two ways:

  1. Actor school 
  2. Strong will 

If you choose No. 1, you should think very hard about choosing a university. The State Theater Schools are overcrowded and starting classes at the PWST means total exclusion from the film market for several years (regulations of state universities). It is worth thinking over a private institution and self-improvement through participation in castings and smaller film projects.

The actor’s profession is not idyllic. This is hard work, in which you need to strive for continuous self-development. Let us broaden our competences and develop interests. This will allow us to rise above the competition. Let’s sign up for courses:

  • dance,
  • horse riding,
  • painting,
  • foreign languages,
  • category A or C driving licenses
How to become an actor?

The more versatile we are, the greater the chance that we will find a casting for a movie in which a person just like us needs. From the point of view of the producer of commercials or film productions, it is faster and easier to find the right person with the sought after traits than to teach someone from scratch. Versatility is the most important in the process of becoming an actor.

Humanity and experience will become you 

As we have already mentioned, beginnings can be difficult. At the first stages of your career you need to gain experience, the price of which you will pay only YOU. Salaries for those making their first steps in the profession are very low. You need to start with statistics – thanks to that you will understand the actions of the whole film machine and experience the planned thrill.

Performance is the actor’s first commandment 

To get the job you need to try many castings, most of them end up wrong. However, do not break down and continue along the designated path.


If you overcome all the difficulties encountered on the way the first 4 points, it means that you have won and no production is a problem for you. But remember about those who are just starting their adventure with the film because you also once stood in their place.

Acting is a hard profession but definitely worth the price.



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