How to design a logo?

The logo should show exactly what your business is doing. This biggest nonsense repeated in the industry will stifle brand development. Apple does not have a computer logo. Ikea furniture and Sony TV. No beloved brand illustrates what it does. How to design a logo?

Logo is a tool

Creating a logo should not be too emotional. You have to remember that it is simply a tool that should work in favor of the brand every day.

I know it is difficult, especially when we take part in creating a sign, e.g. for our own company, but a pragmatic and factual approach will definitely facilitate the whole process.

The company logo is responsible 

The logo must achieve image goals. Before you start graphic work, be sure to choose what tasks you set for the new sign.


  • What associations do you want to make?
  • What is the most important thing that the recipient should remember?
  • Only then take care of how you can achieve these goals through colors, shapes or typography.
How to design a logo?

A logo is a think abbreviation

The logo should convey the style of the brand. If we are talking about a sign for a cozy restaurant, it must be friendly and encouraging. If you create a logo for a rock band, it will be rather bold and feisty etc.

What should your logo be like?


  • What is the personality of the brand?
  • If the brand were human, what style would it have, how would it behave?

Initial sketch

Sketching is the most important stage in logo design. Starting work by turning on the computer and starting the graphics program may limit your ability to create a good logo. When sketching on a piece of paper, we don’t have the limitations of working on a computer. You can have many good initial ideas thanks to sketching. Start with 20-30 initial sketches or ideas, then refine them by creating variations of original ideas. If no sketch is interesting, start over and look for new ideas. The best designers spend the most time on this design stage than any other.

The right colors

Choosing the right colors can be complicated. Understanding the basics of color theory and color psychology can be very helpful when designing any project. Remember, properly selected colors have enormous power in creating the image and building the brand.

Typography matters

Typography is very important. An incorrectly chosen cut can spoil many logo designs. Test as many fonts as possible before choosing “the one”. Experiment with size, spacing and thickness. The cut should complement your logo just like any other element. If you really want your logo to be unique or special, customize the font.

Be original

The final principle of logo design is quite simple – do not copy other works. Of course, it’s not bad to look for inspiration in other projects, but copying other ideas is simply a big mistake. Being original also means that you don’t use someone else’s ideas, that’s what makes your logo design stand out.


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